VitaFlex Soft-stretch Biosafety Hood

  • Our Biosafety hoods are qualified as a level 1 fluid barrier (in testing, the hood offered resistance to synthetic blood penetration under 80 mm Hg sprayed at a distance of 30.5cm)
  • In the same test, the Biosafety hood also offers particle filtration efficiency of 95% against particles of 0.1um. (0.1 micro meters)
  • Exceeded the requirements for the Spray impact test for AATCC42.
  • As with the other hoods, can be comfortably worn under or over a respirator, and securely surrounds a pair of googles.
  • Available in White Full Faced.

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You can purchase these hoods directly from us, or through GSA Advantage!

VitaFlex Soft-stretch General Safety Hood

  • Fits securely against wearers skin, meaning no air flows through the hood, so airborne particles rarely penetrate through to the wearer. 
  • Blocks micron sized particles such as: asbestos, silica dust, glass fibers, powder & paint over spray.
  • Particle filtration efficiency rated at 80% against micron sized particles.
  • Head stays cool, the material wicks away moisture, and is hyrdophobic, meaning that the hood will not get wet.
  • The hood is available in White or Aqua blue, and as Open Faced or Full Faced

VitaFlex Soft-stretch UV-Shield Hood

  • Offers the protection of the General Safety hood, as well as shielding the wearer against over 97.5% of UV rays. That makes these hoods great for working outdoors
  • Available in Black or Silver, and as Open Faced or Full Faced

In 2017, RLCB was appointed as packagers and distributors of VitaFlex Soft-strech hoods to the government. 

VitaFlex elastic nonwoven technology greatly expands the use of conventional nonwoven fabrics in making many innovative and higher quality products by eliminating the use of latex/rubber straps and simplifying the production process, thus dramatically lowering the cost. The elastic nonwoven technology produces fabrics which can be utilized as is for limited use applications, or as a substrate in conjunction with elastomers to form stretch composites. 

The application of elastic nonwovens is further beneficial to consumers in that the new straps-free, form fitting disposable products provide superior softness and comfort. The latex-free nonwoven products are more environmentally friendly due to less harmful emissions in the waste incineration process. 

These hoods are packaged and distributed by RLCB as Skillcraft products.

VitaFlex Soft-stretch Hairnet

  • Provides effective contamination control by covering the entire head, face and neck and containing hair, particles, droplets (from exhaling or voicing) and spittle (from talking, coughing and sneezing). Since the hairnet fits securely on the worker's head, there is no opportunity for it to contact or fall into food or medical products in process.
  • A useful hygienic barrier in infection prevention that prevents contaminated hands from touching facial mucous membrane and blocks airborne particles and droplets that fall onto the healthcare worker's head.