“As a veteran, it is a duty and honor to serve my brothers and sister Veterans.  I fulfilled every day that I am allowed to serve them and I’m proud of the crew assembled here that I work with.”

- Robert Moreland, VA Switchboard Supervisor

 VA Switchboard

In 1997, the Veterans Administration Medical Centers in Kentucky selected RLCB, Inc. as their outsourced provider for switchboard operations. RLCB was awarded a multi-year contract to provide 7 x 24 call coverage, 365 days/YR. The staff manages more than 250,000 incoming calls annually, executes all the medical “code alert” announcements, fire and alarm conditions and provide other public address systems announcements to locate staff within the medical facilities, each event is meticulously tracked, logged and reported within VA statues and policies. The staff interacts with patients, medical personnel, VA Staff and families extensively.