Sightly Worn Thrift Shop a division of RLCB, Inc. will serve the community in two important ways.

First we will deliver you quality merchandise at AWESOME prices, helping to stretch your tight budgets! We are have to do more with less, so let Sightly Worn help you.

Second, as a division of RLCB, Inc. (Raleigh Lions Clinic for the Blind) you will help to directly impact the mission of RLCB. Our mission is: "To empower people who are blind and visually impaired through employment opportunities and services to achieve social and economic equality".

Founded in 1966 RLCB is a sought after resource in the community. Did you know there is still a 70% unemployment rate among working age blind adults? RLCB provides meaningful employment opportunities to people who are blind.

Sightly Worn Thrift Shop will provide employment to people who are blind in a retail environment while allowing us to connect with you the community, while highlighting the capabilities of people who are blind. All monies raised will go directly into employment and programs and services at RLCB, so not only will you walk away with a bargain you will be assisting in directly providing employment.

Call Us: (919) 256-4239

Open Tuesday to Friday  10:00am to 4:00pm