ISO 9001:2015

Precision Cutting

​We have developed highly precise tools to enable people who are blind or visually impaired, to cut lengths of tubing, belting and other material consistently.


Whether its boxes, poly bags or any array of packaging, our team has, and can do it.

Warehousing / Distribution

We have the capability to store and ship your product, in our camera secured and alarmed, air conditioned warehouse.

Smiley operating our forklift

RLCB is very proud of what we are achieving in our manufacturing department. RLCB has developed a strong team consisting of mostly blind and visually impaired individuals, that have proved that visual impairment does not mean that we can't be adaptable. Under the guidance of Production Director Eliezer Pacheco, and floor lead Willie Smiley, RLCB has developed tools, identified problems, developed their solutions and systematically implemented operational procedures that allow our employees to flourish, and to be involved with multiple areas of production. This allows us to be flexible when it comes to manufacturing, meaning we can become involved in many contracts at once while still producing quality products consistently, while also reducing material waste and cycle times.

Check out our many capabilities below, we may be the perfect fit for your needs if you want a manufacturing, warehousing or distribution department, which not only achieves a very high standard of work, but also supports a non profit organization employing people who are blind and visually impaired. We are always looking for new business partners, so even if your needs are different from what you see below, we are very adaptable and welcome new challenges!

Eddie, using our wire cutter/striping machine

Our Current Capabilities

More Information?

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Eddie performing product assembly

Wendell cutting and assembling tubing

Vitaflex soft stretch hoods
RLCB, Inc. Manufacturing and distrobution
Ironlace by Lacetech industries

DoD Prime Contracors, Small Business Subcontracting Goals

Department of Defense (DoD) prime contractors are allowed to receive credit toward their small business subcontracting goals if they subcontract with a qualified nonprofit agencies participating in the Ability One program.

RLCB is well equipped, and experienced to deal with DoD contracts, and would be an ideal choice to help you reach your small business, subcontracting goal. 

Wire Kitting

We can cut, strip, and assemble wire kits to a very high degree of accuracy

Current Partners

Product Assembly

RLCB can help with many forms of assembly.