Our President Janet Griffey


  • Janet Griffey, RLCB President/CEO;
  • Robert Hall, Chairman of the RLCB Board of Directors;
  • Kevin Lynch, President of National Industries for the Blind
  • Jimmy Broughton, Deputy Chief of Staff, Governor's Office;
  • Sharon Benton, Past RLCB employee;
  • James Benton, Past RLCB employee & Current board member;
  • Lacy Presnell, Past RLCB Board Member, Past Lions District Governor;
  • Barbria Bacon, Superintendent, Educational Services for the Deaf-Blind Director, Governor Morehead School.

Also featured during the presentation:

  • Jerry Whaley, RLCB COO;
  • U.S. Air Force Color Guard, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base;
  • James W. Wells, Past CEO of RLCB & Past Executive Director of RLCB;
  • David Phillips, RLCB employee, 2015 RLCB Employee of the Year;
  • Ricky Covington, RLCB employee, 2016 RLCB Employee of the Year.
Our President Janet Griffey

50 Year Ceremony