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We are currently looking for blind or visually impaired people to join our Base Supply Store Team. If Interested, please fill out the application form and sent it into us, either by mail or email.

Working for RLCB

Current Openings

RLCB is many things to many people:

Since 1966 RLCB has been a manufacturer/service provider of high quality products and services needed by many organizations both commercial and for the government.

Meaningful employment is more than just a source of income it is a source of pride. We are committed to helping individuals find and retain jobs they value, whether it is employment in the community or employment at RLCB.

We’ve believe in upward mobility at RLCB, from our hourly workers to the boards of directors we remain steadfast in our support of individuals with vision loss as they work toward achieving upward mobility.

We believe that as one success builds on another that a natural progression can and will occur. It’s like a construction worker building a house, with the right tools anything can be done. We provide a solid foundation of skills and our employees run with them. If you are interested in employment at RLCB, please contact us

Here at RLCB we pride ourselves on the excellent working environment and culture that we have developed, but don't just take our word for it! Lets ask some current employees what it's like to work at RLCB.

Judy Moore, Receptionist

Judy joined RLCB in July of 2004, and has worked both as a receptionist and in our manufacturing department.

​"Even though I start each day without sight, my years of employment with RLCB have afforded me the opportunity to realize my vision of being self-supportive, gainfully employed in a job that provides me with chances to interact with others and a satisfying feeling of accomplishment knowing that I am employed by a company that recognizes my individual skills and allows me to be a productive and contributing part of the organization."

 Carl Harris, Senior Operator and Assistant Supervisor - VA Switchboard

​“This is the most fulfilling job I could imagine; serving our Veterans.”

Keven Oliver, Operator - VA Switchboard  

“In memory of my father, who was a Veteran; I am very proud to do this job.”