Raleigh Host Lions Club

RLCB works with a number of different partners to mutually achieve our missions, to read more about them, please click here.

" The RLCB mission is to empower people who are blind and visually impaired through employment opportunities and services to achieve social and economic equality.

Our vision is to eliminate blindness as a disability

RLCB, Inc. President/CEO Janet Griffey

Core Values

RLCB, Inc. (formerly known as the Raleigh Lions Clinic for the Blind) is a private not-for-profit, self sustaining manufacturer and Tele-Services provider. RLCB was formed through a partnership between the North Carolina Division of Services for the Blind and the Raleigh (host) Lions Club on November 12, 1966. Originally organized to provide evaluation, training and job placement services RLCB has since expanded its business.

RLCB was founded by the Raleigh Host Lions Club in 1966, and have kept very close ties to the company ever since, making up a large number of our board members. For more information on the projects undertaken by this area of the lions club, please visit their website with the link below.

At it's core, our mission is to do what we can to provide people who are blind or visually impaired with employment and training, and that has to be at the forefront of any venture, project or change. To assist us with these, RLCB has developed these core values, taking inspiration from our own name!

Leadership: Our leadership structure provides the ideal base for every employee to fulfill their potential. 

Quality: We take pride in everything we do, make or provide.

Accountability: ​We are accountable to our customer, stakeholders and to each other.

​Stability: A stable base is needed so everyone can grow together.

Commitment: RLCB is committed to our mission, our customers and each other.

Integrity: We will always be honest, and hold strong moral principles

Community: A pledge to work together, as a team, not to forget those around us, and remember what, and who, we are here for.

RLCB, Inc.

Our Mission Partners