RLCB implements a Quality Management System that conforms to ISO 9001:2008

Our Scope:

"The Packaging and Assembly of Miscellaneous Fabricated Products."

- Eliezer Pacheco and Dave Ferrell, Production Management Team

RLCB is very proud of what we are achieving in our manufacturing department. RLCB has developed a strong team consisting of mostly blind and visually impaired individuals that have proved that visual impairment does not mean that we can't be adaptable. Under the guidance of Production Manager Eliezer Pacheco and the collaboration of Dave Ferrell, RLCB has developed tools, identified problems, developed their solutions and systematically implemented operational procedures that allow our employees to flourish, and to be involved with multiple areas of production. This allows us to be flexible when it comes to manufacturing, meaning we can become involved in many contracts at once while still producing quality products consistently, while also reducing material waste and cycle times.

RLCB currently produces products for the commercial market, including a partnership with bootlace company Ironlace. Other services we provide include wire cutting, sewing, LED light construction and more.

"We are very proud of our team here, we have shown that visual impairment is no barrier to quality, flexibility and efficiency. "